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Why it’s time for the built environment to embrace 3D

Why it’s time for the built environment to embrace 3D

Through the use of data-rich 3D models, the design review process is becoming increasingly resilient and efficient, allowing built environment professionals to find solutions to pressing issues such as reaching net zero carbon, and to harness new technologies such offsite manufacturing.

Yet, the industry has been slow to adapt from traditional ways of working. It is still commonplace for the information contained in 3D BIM models to be pushed into traditional 2D drawing formats at every stage, crippling design process efficacy. Our continuing use of drawings has become a barrier to innovation, and it must be overcome.

In recent years, project teams have been leveraging web browsers and virtual reality to engage with 3D models in more intuitive and informative ways, transforming the design review process. Yet these tools are often framed as a gimmick rather than business-as-usual. AECOM is committed to changing that through our work and driving the industry to embrace 3D – this course explores why it is vitally important.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Understand how to affect change and encourage design reviews with the 3D environment
  2. Understand why embracing 3D and powering up the data within the models is the way to embed efficiencies and deliver smarter, faster and greener