Data Protectionand Security.

Data Protection
and Security.

At Built Intelligence, we understand that your project's success depends on more than just efficient tools—it hinges on trust and security. That's why we prioritise your data's protection, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters—delivering exceptional projects.

Guardians of your digital fortress

Our dedicated security team takes a holistic approach, following industry-leading best practices and adhering to a robust common controls framework. We leave no room for security risks through vigilant threat detection programs, secure software development processes, and compliance with industry standards like ISO 27001, Cyber Essential Plus, and full alignment with the National Cyber Security Centre's guidance.

Guardians of your digital fortress Guardians of your digital fortress
Platform and network security

Platform and network security

Our cutting-edge platform offers a suite of customisable security features designed to fortify your data's defences. With configurable security settings, single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication, multi-tier roles and permissions, security audit logs, hierarchical team permissions, workflow-level permissions, admin tools, data sync, and more, we've got your security needs covered.

100% NEC/JCT/FIDIC contact compliance

Unlike self-built contract management tools that often adapt to the job, leaving data scattered and standards compromised, FastDraft is purpose-built for contract compliance. Our Product Team employs the "Ironclad" framework, ensuring every workflow is secure, reliable, and 100% compliant. We adhere to a stringent 12-point contract compliance standard, building nothing new unless it meets this rigorous criteria.

contact compliance
Scalability and reliability

Scalability and reliability

Built Intelligence's network, hosted on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure, guarantees flexible capacity for unwavering reliability. For real-time updates on our platform's operational status, our customers can refer to our status page . We keep you informed and in control.

Frequently asked questions

Where is FastDraft’s infrastructure hosted?

FastDraft’s product infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform
in the United Kingdom. Built Intelligence’s products are hosted with cloud infrastructure providers with SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, among others. These certifications include dedicated security staff, strictly managed physical access control, and video surveillance.

Does Built Intelligence offer regional data hosting?

Yes, we support regional data hosting to provide all our customers the flexibility to choose where their customer data is stored. Our enterprise customers on a dedicated instance have the option to store their data in a region of their choice.

What is Built Intelligence’s uptime commitment?

Built Intelligence is committed to ensuring the availability of our systems. We use commercially reasonable efforts to meet a service uptime of 99.95% for our Subscription Service in a given calendar month.

How can I go about performing my own backups of my data?

While Built Intelligence backs up data on our servers for you, our Customer Success Team can guide you on how to export your content and data if you’d like to back it up on your own.

How do I control & restrict access to FastDraft?

FastDraft enforces granular roles and permissions for users. Admin users can create and manage users of their portals and assign appropriate privileges. For more information about user roles within FastDraft, please see our knowledge base article or speak to our Customer Success Team.

What third-party vendors will have access to my data?

Please refer to the Sub-Processors section in our Privacy Policy displayed in-app for details on third-party vendors that may have access to your data.

How do I set up Single Sign On (SSO) and Two FactorAuthentication (2FA)?

The Built Intelligence products allow users to log in to their Built Intelligence accounts using built-in Built Intelligence login or Single Sign-On (SSO). The built-in login enforces a uniform password policy which requires a minimum of 12 characters and a combination of lower and upper case letters, special characters, whitespace, and numbers. Instructions for setting up SSO are available in our knowledge base article. Single Sign-On login users can configure a password policy in their SSO provider. Please contact our customer success team for more information about enabling SSO.

Does Infrastructure Partner Microsoft have a SOC 2Type 2, SOC 3 report, and CSA STAR Certificates, ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018,ISO27701, ISO2000-1 and ISO9001 Certificates?

Yes, our Infrastructure Partner Microsoft has a publicly available SOC 3 report attesting to our commitment to meeting rigorous industry standards established by the Trust Service Principles (TSPs) established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). You can download the SOC3 report here. Microsoft also has a confidential SOC 2 Type 2 report attesting to the controls we have in place governing the availability, confidentiality, and security of customer data as they map to the TSPs. We are proud of the excellence of our controls and invite you to download a copy of our SOC 2 Type 2 report if you are a customer or prospect here. Our Infrastructure Partner Microsoft has a publicly available CSA Star Certificate and  ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018, ISO27701, ISO2000-1 and ISO9001 Certificates certifying our commitment to meeting rigorous industry standards. You can download the SOC3 report here.

Does BI have Cyber Essential, Cyber Essential Plus and ISO27001 Certificates?

Yes, Built Intelligence has publicly available Cyber Essential, Cyber Essential Plus and ISO27001 Certificates demonstrating our commitment to meeting rigorous industry standards.

Can we perform a penetration test against our Built Intelligence application?

Yes, you are permitted to perform a penetration test on the Built Intelligence products. However, it's essential to adhere to our guidelines (available on request) and submit any findings to our development team. These guidelines are set so you can effectively test within the security controls we have in place. Our Acceptable Use Policy requires that if you perform a penetration test, you must do so in an authorised manner. Testing the app within the guidelines we set forth on is what constitutes authorised testing. We recommend using a different IP address for scanning than you use to login to your portal. This mitigates any risk that you may be unable to use your Built Intelligence portal due to blocks incurred by your tests. Please see speak to our customer success team before completing any testing

What our customers say

“The technology, service, training and support is well received, intuitive and supports the business needs across the multi Billion portfolio we operate.”

Project Executive

The Environment Agency

"I like the ability to open multiple screens (programmes, etc) at one time allowing easy navigation of complex issues."

Senior Engineer

Hampshire County Council

“On behalf of the NG management team, we would like to extend our appreciation of the amazing work done on the final onboard. The professionalism and endless hours that you have all spent has impressed the organisation immensely.”

IT Manager

National Grid

“Good support for a Project Manager. Dashboard contains a good snapshot for a project reviewer.”

Project Manager


“It is an intuitive system which makes it simple to review and raise all instructions, early warnings and compensation events. It is very easy to run internal reports to view all information.”

Quantity Surveyor

Kier Group

“FastDraft is a very good system that makes managing an NEC contract very simple with all relevant information in one place. It is very user friendly as well.”

Senior Quantity Surveyor