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About Built Intelligence.

About Built Intelligence.

We are a team of contract management geeks with a passion for improving project outcomes for our customers and their supply chains. We provide a unique approach to contract management through the BI toolkit Formula:

Software + training + community support = better project outcomes for all

We harness technology and build collaborative partnerships with industry experts as enablers for construction professionals to advance their careers, improve their contract management performance, and share their insights through our community.

Why work with Built Intelligence?

  • Built Differently Built Differently
  • Built for People Built for People
  • Built for Performance Built for Performance
  • Check Our way of saying innovation.
  • Check Never just for the sake of being different.
  • Check We build products differently because we know there is a better way.
  • Check We look at what works best for people on the job and why things don’t work and we change them. It is as simple as that. No pretence. No fuss.
  • Check We build products that people actually want to use.
  • Check We build products that people can easily use.
  • Check We are 100% focused.
  • Check We work with experts and users from the community to build our products.
  • Check Smarter. That is how we build our products. That is how we run our business.
  • Check Products that work better for our customers, helping them delivery more effectively.
  • Check Products that give us better returns for our efforts.
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What our customers say

“On behalf of the NG management team, we would like to extend our appreciation of the amazing work done on the final onboard. The professionalism and endless hours that you have all spent has impressed the organisation immensely.”

IT Manager


“EDF have been impressed by the level of knowledge and expertise delivered. The training platform interface is easy for delegates to use and also gives access to an impressive range of additional ‘free to use’ e-learning.”

Programme & Project Manager


“Very usable and being improved in the last couple of years I have been using it. Very good support and community via ReachBack."

Principal Engineer

Lancashire CC

“The technology, service, training and support is well received, intuitive and supports the business needs across the multi Billion portfolio we operate.”

Project Executive

The Environment Agency

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