Contract Coaching

Contract Coaching

Unlock team potential and drive real results

Are you ready to unlock your project teams’ potential with FastDraft Contract Coaching? Our AI-driven coaching solution empowers managers to replicate success, turn data into coachable moments, and drive improvements. Say goodbye to subjective evaluations and embrace data-driven coaching for real results.

Coach your people
into project pros

Performance is no longer subjective. FastDraft Contract Coaching provides AI-driven,  guided workflows to identify and equip teams for success. Consistently drive behaviour change and improve project outcomes.

Gain <br>Insight


Total Visibility for Informed Coaching

Pinpoint the topics and behaviours users struggle with. Identify soft and hard skills that impact project delivery, and leverage insights to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Empower<br>and Direct

and Direct

Coaching as a Two-Way Street

Equip project users with the intelligence on how the best-in-class handle various project issues, including valuing change and payless notices. Empower teams to learn from industry best practice.

Expand<br>Coaching Efforts

Coaching Efforts

Drive Scalable impact for Project Success

Don't let time or lack of data limit your coaching efforts. With Built Intelligence, managers can access team trends, identify individual user performance patterns, and quickly pinpoint critical areas for coaching across the entire team.

3 Ways 'BI for Coaching' helps you deliver more

Coach based on data-driven insights

Move beyond opinions. Built Intelligence provides data-driven assessments of soft skills and problem solving. Use benchmark data to quickly identify and close crucial skill gaps.

Our Pledge: a 50% Increase in project issues closure rate

Coach based
on <span>data-driven insights</span>
Peronsalise coaching for <span>every user</span>

Peronsalise coaching for every user

Recognise unique styles and behaviours within teams and empower managers for success. Built Intelligence provides personalised recommendations based on soft skills, topics discussed, and contract adherence.

Our Pledge: 40% Reduction in time to close issues

Foster accountability and boost compliance

Drive delivery through consistent coaching across the project team. Built Intelligence's ‘coaching for coaches’ feature ensures accountability from managers, boosting contract compliance and driving project success.

Our Pledge: 60% Increase in contract compliance

Foster accountability
and <span>boost compliance</span>

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what sets top
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What our customers say

“The technology, service, training and support is well received, intuitive and supports the business needs across the multi Billion portfolio we operate.”

Project Executive

The Environment Agency

"I like the ability to open multiple screens (programmes, etc) at one time allowing easy navigation of complex issues."

Senior Engineer

Hampshire County Council

“On behalf of the NG management team, we would like to extend our appreciation of the amazing work done on the final onboard. The professionalism and endless hours that you have all spent has impressed the organisation immensely.”

IT Manager

National Grid

“Good support for a Project Manager. Dashboard contains a good snapshot for a project reviewer”

Project Manager


“It is an intuitive system which makes it simple to review and raise all instructions, early warnings and compensation events. It is very easy to run internal reports to view all information.”

Quantity Surveyor

Kier Group

“FastDraft is a very good system that makes managing an NEC contract very simple with all relevant information in one place. It is very user friendly as well.”

Senior Quantity Surveyor