Sustainability & Social Impact Statement


Our vision as a company is to act responsibly towards others and the planet as a whole. How we can work inclusively and sustainably, and how we can ensure the impact of our business decisions have a positive effect on our staff, our customers, our suppliers, our business community and the world. We have taken small steps to implement a greener way of working - from recycling plastic and toner cartridges to offering staff incentives through the Cycle to Work Scheme, to minimising our carbon footprint wherever possible and those of our customers by offering digital alternatives to face-to-face training and support.


We adhere to our own code of conduct & values for minimising social impact, complying with UK Employment legislations and paying all staff well above the minimum wage and giving an impressive holiday allowance to promote work/life balance. We have working from home options available to all members of our team and also donate to local charities regularly, particularly ones involved in minimising social impact and supporting local communities.