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NEC4 ECC Contractor Notification Template

NEC4 ECC Contractor Notification Template

Use this free downloadable template to help you create a Contractor Notification under the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC).

The ECC places great emphasis on effective communication between the parties and one of the ways it accomplishes this is by requiring one party to notify the other of certain events and circumstances.

You can use this NEC4 ECC template for a Contractor’s Notification of the following:

  • Notify under clause 13.2 of an address to receive communications
  • Notify under clause 17.1 of an ambiguity or inconsistency
  • Notify under clause 17.2 of an illegal or impossible requirement
  • Notify under clause 20.3 of advice on the practical implications of the design and subcontracting arrangements (main Options C, D, E and F)
  • Notify under clause 28.1 of an intention to transfer the benefit of the contract or any rights under it
  • Notify under clause 50.9 that Defined Cost for part of the work has been finalised (main Options C, D, E and F)
  • Notify under clause 73.1 that an object of historical or other interest has been found
  • Notify under clause 86.1 of an instruction to submit insurance certificates (period for reply is period for reply (use Project Manager Submission workflow)
  • Notify under clause 90.1 of a wish to terminate
  • Notify under clause W1.1(1) of a replacement Senior Representative
  • Notify under clause X10.4(2) of a failure of the Project Manager to reply to the submission of a first or revised Information Execution Plan
  • Notify under clause Y1.10 that the amount due to a Named Supplier is different to a payment certificate

For simplicity, you can use this template for ‘advice’ under clause 20.3 and ‘instruction’ under clause 86.1

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