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NEC3 TSC Service Manager Instruction (SMI) Template

NEC3 TSC Service Manager Instruction (SMI) Template

Use this free downloadable template to help you create a Service Manager Instruction under the NEC3 Term Service Contract (TCC).

The TSC gives the Service Manager wide ranging powers to issue instructions to the Contractor. Note, if an instruction will give rise to a compensation event, the Service Manager is obliged to notify the Contractor of the compensation event at the time of giving the instruction. That notification can be given by using form ‘NEC3 TSC Service Manager Notification’

You can use this NEC3 TSC template for a Service Manager’s Instruction to do the following:

  • Instruct under clause 14.3 to change the Service Information
  • Instruct under clause 17.1 to resolve an ambiguity or inconsistency
  • Instruct under clause 18.1 to change the Service Information to remove something which is illegal or impossible
  • Instruct under clause 23.1 to submit particulars of design of an item of Equipment
  • Instruct under clause 24.2 to remove an employee
  • Instruct under clause 26.4 to submit proposed contract data for a subcontract (main Options C and E)
  • Instruct under clause 32.2 to stop or not start work, or to start or restart work
  • Instruct under clause 92.2 to remove Equipment, Plant and Materials and assign the benefit of the subcontract to the Employer
  • Instruct under clause X12.1(4) to provide Partnering Information
  • Instruct under clause X19.2 to carry out a Task


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