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NEC3 ECS Notification of Compensation Event (NCE) Template

NEC3 ECS Notification of Compensation Event (NCE) Template

Use this free downloadable template to help you notify a compensation event under the NEC3 Engineer and Construction Subcontract (ECS).

Compensation events are events, which if they occur and do not arise from the Subcontractor fault, entitle the Subcontractor to be compensated for any effect the event may have on Prices, the Completion Date and any Key Dates.

You can use this NEC3 ECS template to notify the following types of compensation events: -

  • Notify under clause 60.1(1): Contractor has given an instruction to change the Works Information
  • Notify under clause 60.1(2): Access not provided by date shown on the programme
  • Notify under clause 60.1(3): Contractor not provided something by date shown on programme
  • Notify under clause 60.1(4): Contractor has given instruction to stop or not start work or change a Key Date
  • Notify under clause 60.1(5): Employer, Contractor or Others don't work within times shown on programme or conditions within WI
  • Notify under clause 60.1(6): no response to a communication within the contractual timescales
  • Notify under clause 60.1(7): an item of historical interest or value found within site
  • Notify under clause 60.1(8): a change to a decision previously communicated
  • Notify under clause 60.1(9): acceptance withheld for a reason outside of the contract
  • Notify under clause 60.1(10): searched for a Defect and none was found
  • Notify under clause 60.1(11): test or inspection by Contractor or Supervisor causes unnecessary delay
  • Notify under clause 60.1(12): unexpected physical conditions
  • Notify under clause 60.1(13): weather measurement exceeding a 1 in 10-year event
  • Notify under clause 60.1(14): Contractor risk event has occurred
  • Notify under clause 60.1(15): take over prior to Completion/Completion Date
  • Notify under clause 60.1(16): lack of provision of materials/facilities/samples for tests/inspections
  • Notify under clause 60.1(17): Contractor corrects an assumption related to a previous compensation event
  • Notify under clause 60.1(18): breach of subcontract by Contractor
  • Notify under clause 60.1(19): Prevention event
  • Notify under clause X2.1: Change in law
  • Notify under clause X15.2: Correcting a Defect that was not the Subcontractor liability

You can download this template for free!

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