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NEC3 ECS Contractor Instruction (CI) Template

NEC3 ECS Contractor Instruction (CI) Template

Use this free downloadable template to help you put together a Contractor Instruction under the NEC3 Engineer and Construction Subcontract (ECS).

Most compensation events on most subcontracts will probably arise due to the Contractor instructing a change to the Subcontract Works Information. NB Clause 61.1 requires the Contractor to notify the Subcontractor of a compensation event at the time of giving the instruction

You can also use this NEC3 ECS pdf template for a Contractor Instruction, to do the following: -

  • Instruct under clause 14.3 changes the Works Information or details of a Key Date,
  • Instruct under clause 17.1 to resolve an ambiguity or inconsistency,
  • Instruct under clause 18.1 to change the Works Information to avoid an impossibility or something that is illegal,
  • Instruct under clause 24.2 to remove a person from the contract for the reasons stated,
  • Instruct under clause 34.1 to stop or not start work,
  • Instruct under clause 36.1 to provide a quotation for acceleration,
  • Instruct under clause 42.1 uncover works,
  • Instruct under clause 44.2 to change the Works Information in order to accept a defect,
  • Instruct under clause 82.1 not to replace or repair damage to works, Plant and Material, and
  • Instruct under clause 26.4 to provide proposed subcontract contract data.

You can download this template as a PDF for free!