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NEC3 ECS Contractor Notification Template

NEC3 ECS Contractor Notification Template

Use this free downloadable template to help you put together a Contractor‚ notification of an early warning, compensation event or a Defect under the NEC3 Engineer and Construction Subcontract (ECS).

You can also use this NEC3 ECS template for a Contractor Notification, to do the following: -

  • Notify under clause 13.2 of a change of address,
  • Notify under clause 13.5 that the extension to the period for reply to a communication has been agreed,
  • Notify under clause 14.2 that you are delegating actions to a named person,
  • Notify under clause 16.4 the Risk Register has been updated and re-issued,
  • Notify under clause 17.1 that you have become aware of ambiguities/inconsistencies,
  • Notify under clause 18.1 that you have become aware of matters that would either be illegal or impossible,
  • Notify under clause 25.2 that the Subcontractor has not provided services and/or other things as stated in the Works Information which has resulted in additional cost to the Contractor,
  • Notify under clause 25.3 that the Subcontractor has failed to meet the requirements of the Key Date and as a result additional cost incurred by the Contractor will be assessed and notified separately,
  • Notify under clause 27.2 that the Subcontractor failed to provide access to work being done to stored Plant and Materials,
  • Notify under clause 30.2 that the Contractor certifies that Completion has been achieved on certain sectional Completion/Completion Dates,
  • Notify under clause 35.3 that the Contractor confirms the date which they have taken over all or part of the works,
  • Notify under clause 40.3 that test/inspections are to be carried out at the date/time indicated,
  • Notify under clause 40.6 that the Contractor has incurred additional cost due to repeating a test after a defect has been notified,
  • Notify under clause 41.1 that tests and inspections have been carried out and passed to allow materials to be brought into the Working Area,
  • Notify under clause 42.2 that a Defect has been identified,
  • Notify under clause 43.3 that the Defects Certificate is issued,
  • Notify under clause 45.1 costs have been incurred by the Contractor due to the failure of the Subcontractor to correct a defect within the defect correction period despite the Subcontractor haven been given access,
  • Notify under clause 45.2 that the cost has been assessed as the cost of correcting a Defect as access cannot be provided to the Subcontractor,
  • Notify under clause 50.4 that the assessment for the amount due to the Subcontractor has been made for the period as indicated,
  • Notify under clause 62.5 that the Contractor agrees/does not agree to an extension to provide a quotation,
  • Notify under clause 87.1 that insurances details are being provided by the Contractor,
  • Notify under clause 90.1 that you wish to terminate the contract, and
  • Notify under clause Y2.3 that you intend to withhold payment.

You can download this template for free!