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NEC3 ECC Project Manager Notification Template

NEC3 ECC Project Manager Notification Template

Use this free downloadable template to help you put together a Project Manager‚ notification of an early warning, compensation event or a Defect under the NEC3 Engineer and Construction Contract (ECC).

Here is some example of how you might use this NEC3 ECC pdf template for a Project Manager Notification: -

  • Notify under clause 13.2 a change of address,
  • Notify under clause 13.5 that the extension to the period for reply to a communication has been agreed,
  • Notify under clause 14.2 that you are delegating the actions to a named person,
  • Notify under clause 14.4 that on behalf of the Employer you are confirming that the Project Manager or Supervisor is replaced with another person,
  • Notify under clause 16.4 that the Risk Register has been updated and re-issued,
  • Notify under clause 17.1 that the Project Manager has become aware of the following ambiguities/inconsistencies, of which you will be instructed separately how to resolve this issue:
  • Notify under clause 18.1 that the Project Manager has become aware of the following matter that would either be illegal or impossible, of which you will instruct them separately on how to resolve this issue,
  • Notify under clause 25.2 that the Contractor has not provided the following services and/or other things as stated in the Works Information which has resulted in additional cost to the Employer,
  • Notify under clause 25.3 that the Contractor has failed to meet the requirements of the Key Date listed below by the date stated, of which additional cost incurred by the Employer will be assessed and notified separately,
  • Notify under clause 27.2 that the Contractor has failed to provide access to work being done to stored Plant and Materials,
  • Notify under clause 30.2 that the Project Manager certifies that Completion has been achieved of the following sectional Completion/Completion Date,
  • Notify under clause 35.3 that the Project Manager confirms the date which the Employer has taken over all or part of the works,
  • Notify under clause 40.6 that the Employer has incurred additional cost due to repeating a test after a defect has been notified,
  • Notify under clause 45.1 that the following cost has been incurred by the Employer due to the failure of the Contractor to correct a defect within the defect correction period despite the Contractor haven been given access to,
  • Notify under clause 45.2 that the following cost has been assessed as the cost of correcting a Defect as access cannot be provided to the Contractor,
  • Notify under clause 50.4 that the following assessment for the amount due to the Contractor has been made for the period,
  • Notify under clause 62.5 that the Project Manager agrees/does not agree to an extension to provide a quotation,
  • Notify under clause 87.1 that the following insurances are being provided by the Employer,
  • Notify under clause 90.1 The Employers wish to terminate the contract,
  • Notify under clause Y2.3 of the intent to withhold payment.

You can download this template as a PDF for free!