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NEC3 Doctors Surgery

NEC3 Doctors Surgery

Duration 1 day

Why you should attend this workshop?

Often the most effective way to embed learning is through sharing real, local and relevant experiences with colleagues at your workplace - 80% of learning happens outside of formal training courses! The session aims to bring together formal training with lessons learnt on the job.


Session 1: Awareness Session. Objective: To give a balanced overview of the NEC3 family of contracts and how it helps deliver to time, cost and quality (or better).

Session 2: Inter-active Question & Train session. This session builds on Session 1 now that participants have a broad awareness of the NEC and what it aims to do. It is intended to be highly interactive. Objective: For participants to choose which aspects of the NEC3 family they want to learn more about – both in contractual interpretation and how to tender and deliver work under it - in order to gain most from the day from their perspective. The number of aspects chosen will affect the time spent on each.

You will learn about

Participants to decide the structure and learning objectives, but could include:

  • When to use different members of the family.
  • Contracting strategy at the main payment option level: what are they and when to use them.
  • Use of secondary options.
Assembling a contract under the NEC, including:
  • Filling in the Contract Data
  • Preparing the technical documents: how N-Power re-did their documents to be NEC compliant.
  • Evaluating Contractor' returns.
  • Role of the Project Manager and Supervisor (compared to the traditional Engineer to Contractor Employers Representative)
  • Key definitions and the administration clauses: General, The Contractor' main responsibilities, Testing and Defects and Payment.
  • The change management clauses: the Accepted Programme, early warnings & risk reduction meeting, the Risk Register, compensation events (definitions, process, criteria for evaluation).
  • Clauses you don' want to use: Title, Risks and insurance, Termination and Disputes.
  • Getting the most out of the NEC: best practice operation of the project management clauses.

Recommended for?

This workshop is recommended for everyone currently involved with or about to be working under an ECC contract including project managers, contract managers, quantity surveyors, clients, consultants, planners, contractors and their supply chain. This session will be suitable for those who are relatively new to these forms of contract as well as those who are already more experienced in the contract and looking to enhance their level of knowledge and understanding.

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