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Lean Six Sigma Applied to Service Delivery

Lean Six Sigma Applied to Service Delivery

This course shows you how to apply both Lean and Six Sigma to our service operation so you can accomplish goals you may have thought were mutually exclusive: work faster and increase quality. Lean Six Sigma course deftly explains how most service operations are sitting on a potential treasure trove of cost savings. The key to success, however, is listening to the voice of your customers and faithfully addressing their perspectives about your service.

What You Will Learn?

  1. How linking Lean and Six Sigma will make your company more competitive;
  2. How speed and quality support each other;
  3. What the Five Laws of Lean Six Sigma tell you; and
  4. How to apply Lean Six Sigma to your service business.

Recommended to: organisations that want to become simultaneously leaner, better and friendlier in the eyes of their customers.