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Will Hughes and Others

Fundamentals of Contractual Disputes and Defect Liabilities

Fundamentals of Contractual Disputes and Defect Liabilities

Director General of MI5, once said this about the construction industry '...the Thames House Refurbishment was fraught with difficulties. It was clear that dealing with the building industry was just as tricky as dealing with the KGB.'.

This sentiment is also reinforced by the National Construction Contracts and Law Survey that found that 30% of firms had been involved in at least one dispute in the previous 12 months. This learning path provides you with an up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the legislation and legal principles with case law that governs disputes and defects under construction contracts with practical examples of working with JCT, NEC3, and FIDIC contracts (LP11214).

The path covers the following areas of contract management and law:

  • An Introduction to Financial Remedies for Breach of Contract
  • An Introduction to LADs
  • An Introduction to legal concepts of Quantum meruit, set off and abatement
  • An Introduction to Defective Buildings for Owners
  • An Overview of Suspension and Termination of Contracts
  • An Introduction to Non-Adversarial Dispute Resolution
  • An Introduction to ADR Methods in Standard Forms
  • An Overview of Adjudication
  • An Overview of Arbitration
  • An Overview of Litigation
  • Pros and Cons of Different ADR methods

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