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Fundamentals of Contract Notices, Negotiation & Admin

Fundamentals of Contract Notices, Negotiation & Admin

Duration 1 day

Designed to support those working across a multitude of construction projects, this one day course offers a range of skills that will allow delegates to apply to a variety of contracts.

Starting from the principal that communication is key to all projects, this course looks at the legal ramifications of the forms used, and the methodologies for record keeping. It also draws on the experienced trainers, and their approaches, to offer some key aids in negotiation and tactics to use.

Offering a broad curriculum, the course allows attendees to generate a range of Project Management competencies including;
' Pre-Contract and Contract Formation
' Administration and Communication
' Record Keeping
' Contract Requirements
' Letters, Content and drafting
' Negotiation and Tactics

Learning Objectives

After attending this course participants should be able to;
' Justify the use of a specific pre-contract and contract form, stating the reasoning behind the approach to administration and communications used.
' Explore different styles of record keeping before choosing the most appropriate for a project
' Draft a letter for different situations, as well as have an awareness of a range of contract requirements used in construction

Recommended for?

This workshop is recommended for everyone currently or about to be working across projects including: project managers, contract managers, quantity surveyors, clients, consultants, planners, contractors and their supply chain.
This workshop is suitable for those new to Project Management as well as those looking to enhance their existing level of knowledge and understanding.