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Rupert Goddard

CDM for Principal Contractors and Contractor

CDM for Principal Contractors and Contractor

Do you need to understand your duties under the CDM regulations as a Principal Contractor or Contractor? This learning path provides a modular library of short courses which provide a comprehensive guide to your legal duties under current legislation for organisations and individuals involved in all types of construction work. The modular nature of our courses means individuals can follow discrete learning paths based on their role. This course will enable you to; understand the legal requirements of CDM 2015, identify the roles of the Principal Contractor and Contractors, appreciate the importance of the requirements for assessment of knowledge, skills, experience and resources and identify requirement for project documentation (LP11218).

You will learn about:

  • CDM 2015 overview and application
  • Duty holder responsibilities
  • Preparation of the client brief
  • Duty holder appointments
  • Preparing pre-construction information
  • Requirements for notification of projects
  • Assisting with the preparation of pre-construction information
  • Planning, managing and monitoring work during the pre-construction phase
  • The elimination, reduction, and control of risks through design
  • Contractor assessment
  • Planning, managing and monitoring construction work
  • Application of CDM Part 4 'General requirements for all construction sites'
  • Construction phase plan content and requirements
  • Contractor and worker engagement
  • Construction phase plan requirements
  • ‚Ä¢ Health and safety file requirements
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