Upcoming Webinars - January 2024

Upcoming Webinars - January 2024

Join us on a transformative learning journey through a series of insightful webinars scheduled throughout January. These sessions are meticulously crafted to empower construction professionals with a deep understanding of critical aspects of contract management.

The list of webinars are as follows:

January 1st

The Five Methods of Dispute Resolution under JCT D&B16

January 4th

NEC3 TSC (Part 1 - 6) 1-Day Session

January 10th

Overview of the JCT Design and Build Contract

January 11th

How to Put Together an NEC3 ECS Subcontract and Choose the Right Main and Secondary Options

January 17th

Understanding Key Documents of a JCT Design and Build Contract

January 18th

FastDraft Early Warning Masterclass

January 24th

Understanding Contracts Documents and how they Work Together

January 25th 

Contractual Entitlements (Part 1-6) 1-Day Session

January 30th 

Design and Build Contracts: An overview of the JCT and NEC

January 31st

Contractor Obligations under JCT D&B Contract - Design and Quality Standards

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