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Barry Trebes

Webinar - NEC4 ECC: How to Write Good Scope

Webinar - NEC4 ECC: How to Write Good Scope

TUE, 7, JAN 2025, 13:00 GMT

This webinar considers in detail the important part that the Scope has in dictating the relative success or potential failure of a project.

What you’ll learn in this session:

  • Importance and role of the Scope
  • How the Scope is referenced throughout the contract and the relative input that this requires
  • How Contract Data, Site Information and the pricing document relate back to Scope
  • Hierarchy of contract documents and resolution of ambiguities
  • The NEC User Guide volume 2 and how it can be used to structure the Scope, as well as act as a checklist as to what should be considered to be included
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