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Will Hughes and Others

Fundamentals of UK Construction Industry and Key Roles

Fundamentals of UK Construction Industry and Key Roles

Are you new to the construction industry and looking to get a good grounding about the industry, institutions and professions that have helped shape it? Then this learning path of five courses is for you.

It provides graduates or those who are new to the industry with an overview of the construction industry, the institutions and other key organisations that work with the industry, some of the key challenges inherent in construction projects and also the key professional roles on construction projects and how they contract with one another (LP11211)

The learning path covers:

  • UK Construction Sector Context of Professions and Institutions
  • Key Players in the Industry
  • Project Teams and Common Challenges
  • Key Features of Professional Services Agreements
  • Roles and Relationships of Consultants

We offer a free trial of the 'Fundamentals of UK Construction Industry and Key Roles' Learning Path for you to evaluate the course content.

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