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Trends Challenges and Rewards Contract Management

Trends Challenges and Rewards Contract Management

How do you know what contract management platform (CMS) is best for your project? What have other projects’ achieved with their current systems and what can it offer yours? Over the past few years, the use of online CMS systems has transformed dramatically. With new technologies, better practices, and improved awareness, CMSs now plays a significant role in many projects’ success delivery. Despite this rise, many businesses and projects still struggle with picking the right contract management system, knowing the features they need and how to properly implement a system.

This guide helps contractors and project leaders get up to speed on the trends and challenges in construction technology and includes top considerations for driving digital transformation. Recent research from the building community will help you learn about: 

  • In Built Intelligence’s “Trends, Challenges and Rewards: Contract Management” report, we asked over 200 industry leaders how their online CMS contract management systems impact their project delivery. The results of our survey, when applied, will help your business or project teams to develop a successful contract management strategy that delivers results. We observed the participating organisations’ relationships with their current CMS and if/how they are using them for their projects. We also gained insights into the benefits and pain points projects are experiencing with their current systems.
  • For the companies that are already delivering projects with a contract management system, it’s an insightful look into the emerging best practices and trends. It will also guide you through the challenges businesses like yours encounter and the methods they use to deliver better projects with their CMS.
  • If you are not yet delivering projects using an online CMS and you are considering rolling out a contract management system on your next project, this research will provide insights that can help in your search for a contract management system. It will also show you the steps you can take to start your project off on the right path and ensure success for you and your team. 

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