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Buyer’s Guide – NEC, JCT and FIDIC Contract Management Business Case

Buyer’s Guide – NEC, JCT and FIDIC Contract Management Business Case

If you’re reading this, you might have recently taken on the task to find an NEC, FIDIC or JCT contract management software solution for your company like CEMAR, Aconex, PlanGrid, Sypro or you might be looking for how to justify securing internal resources to centralise all of your contract data.

Use of a simple web-based NEC, JCT or FIDIC contract management system, can help:

  • Deliver efficiency and better Project Management,
  • Offer greater transparency,
  • Work closer with your supply chain, and
  • Provide improved management information.

This business case template will lay out the key elements (current pain points/challenges, features and benefits of the proposed solution) you’ll want to focus on to make a compelling business case giving you the tools to sell the idea effectively to your line manager.

If you’re a line manager and need to put together a business case for managing your companies’ contracts, we’ve put together a model business case to help you present your case so that will be approved by your managers. Complete the template, to get your case across quickly and easily to make sure you can support your team’s Contract Management needs.

This business case provides justification for undertaking a Contract Management System for your project or department. It evaluates the benefit, cost and risk of alternative options and provides a rationale for the preferred solution.

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