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An Overview of the NEC4 Amendments 2023

An Overview of the NEC4 Amendments 2023

This presentation from our User Group Conference 2023 covers the recent official NEC4 Amendments that were published in January 2023. The focus of the presentation will be on the changes made to the long form contracts such as ECC and ECS, as well as the short form contracts such as ECSC and ECSS.

In addition to discussing the amendments made to the contracts, the talk will also touch on X29, which deals with climate change, and Y(NI), which allows the NEC contract to be used in Northern Ireland.

The webinar will also provide a brief overview of the amendments that were published in October 2020 and January 2019.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  1. Understand the changes made to the Short Schedule of Cost Components and the Schedule of Cost Components related to work outside of the working areas
  2. Explain the reason behind the modification of clause 22.1 concerning intellectual property, which now helps the Client use and copy the Contractor’s design and documents prepared for the design
  3. Understand how the new adjudication process works under Option W2 and the process of Early Contractor Involvement under Option X22
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