Would you rather be happy or right? by Andrea Newton

Would you rather be happy or right? by Andrea Newton

Would you rather be happy or right?

This week I have seen and heard lots of examples of people falling out. A 20 year old friendship where they had never had a cross word ended in a “difference of opinion”, a young blossoming romance got lost in harsh words. Some frustration over small stuff between two employees caused a team rift.

I think it is fair to say right now we are emotionally exhausted.

Fatigued at least.

Short tempers, frayed edges and more likely to react in a way that we perhaps would not “normally”.

In my coaching session on Friday I brought the subject up and my wise, as always, coach asked “Would you rather be happy or right?”

I appreciate there may be times where there is a RIGHT answer but there will also be times where there are three sides to the story. I guess this weekend as I commit to #selfcaresunday I am asking you to pause a moment if you find yourself on the verge of conflict and ask yourself that question …. which would you rather be right now?

About the Author

Andrea Newton has been helping organisations develop the skill and confidence to have Confident Conversations and get comfortable with the uncomfortable for over 21 years. She has worked across a range of industry sectors and is happiest working in a way that is practical, down to earth, direct and uncomplicated. She prefers a mug to a cup and prefers places that call a spade a shovel! If you would like to benefit from her expertise and ability to make a room full of people comfortable with subjects as sensitive as suicide, then you can find out more about her at www.confidentconversations.co.uk or https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-newton-cc/

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