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We've been accepted onto GCloud! What on earth is GCloud?

We've been accepted onto GCloud! What on earth is GCloud?

Built Intelligence is pleased to announce that we have been accepted onto the UK Governments Digital Marketplace procurement framework known as GCloud.

This means that our Academy, ReachBack and FastDraft products are now available to public sector organisations.

So what is GCloud, and why is it good for us and our customers? 

The UK Government has a surprisingly innovative and forward thinking approach to digital services, represented by the GDS initiative and their Digital Marketplace.

GCloud is the framework put in place to connect buyers and sellers of digital services and products, ensuring a consistent presentation of products and services to potential buyers, helping them compare potential suppliers in an increasingly  complex and rapidly changing marketplace. It also ensures a level of quality, security and support is offered with products.

We are very pleased to be accepted as a member of GCloud as it enables us to offer our products to a wider customer base and also helps to re-enforce the quality of our products and services.

As part of our initiative to get on to GCloud we also gained our Cyber Essentials accreditation which is another government run initiative to establish cyber security within UK businesses.

If you have any questions regarding our products and their availability for use with the public sector, please contact us.

(Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash)
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