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A Brand New ReachBack.com

A Brand New ReachBack.com

We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new version of ReachBack.
We’re reimagining what a modern discussion platform should be.

Encouraging Discussions

Why break conversations multiple pages? We have introduced a new timeline feature displaying when exactly the comment was made. Want to see more conversations? Keep scrolling down.

New Notifications

When someone quotes your post, we’ll notify you. When someone mentions your @username, we’ll notify you. When someone replies to your post…yep, you guessed it.

Simple to use

ReachBack is a simple forum where replies flow down the page in a line. Expand context at the bottom and top of each post, and also in quotes, to reveal the full conversation without losing your place.

Links automatically expand

Want to share a link you found? Just paste it in on a single line and we’ll do the rest. Links automatically expand to provide additional context and information.

Single sign-on

Seamlessly integrate ReachBack with your existing FastDraft or Academy login with easy, robust single sign-on.

Go Mobile

Post, reply and read on the go with the new ReachBack app for iOS and Android. Download today for FREE.


Encourage positive community behaviours through the included set of badges.

Plus so much more!

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