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New Online Academy - The Construction Playbook

New Online Academy - The Construction Playbook

Back in December 2020 the Cabinet Office launched The Construction Playbook which is a government guidance document about sourcing and contracting public works projects, and how contracting authorities and suppliers should engage with each other.

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Dyer and Butler to produce a 6-course programme on The Construction Playbook Fundamentals. This programme is available now to all of our current premium subscription members.

What is the programme about? 

This series of e-learning explains the complexities of The Construction Playbook and provides an overview of how the Government intends to work with the construction sector to meet its aim to build back better, faster, and greener.

The Construction Playbook brings together industry expertise and best practice to reform and transform how public work projects and programmes are assessed, procured, and managed.

By completing this series of online courses, you will have a much clearer understanding of how the construction industry needs to work for the benefit of all Parties on public sector projects and construction as a whole.  

You will learn about:-

  • An introduction to The Construction Playbook
  • How to prepare and plan
  • Publication & Selection
  • What to do to ensure your project is evaluated and awarded the contract
  • How Contract implementation happens

How do I enrol? 

If you do not already have a Premium Plan with us, you can sign up here 

If you're looking to enrol your team on this training please contact us at  +44 117 214 0890 

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