Get Kids into Survey GeoSquad Comic Book!

Get Kids into Survey GeoSquad Comic Book!

As Brand Ambassadors for Get Kids into Survey here at Built Intelligence, we are delighted to announce the launch of their new GeoSquad Comic Book!

GKiS have one aim – to get the next generation into surveying and geospatial careers! Entirely funded by the industry, they create online resources, produce engaging learning materials and even help with school and careers day events.

Can you picture a world without surveyors? Well that’s exactly what has happened to Middletown... the city where the comic book is set. Will you join the GeoSquad in their adventures to save the future? Aimed at primary school children and above, you can preorder the Comic Book now for your child or local club. Orders will be sent out on the 17th of May which is also the e-book launch day!

GKiS are happy to share access to their other FREE resources (find out more here). They are always looking for support, especially ways to publicise and promote the great work they do! Want to know more and get involved? Become a Brand Ambassador to help spread the word by going into local schools/scout groups, and giving careers advice about the geospatial sector. Importantly, if your company would like to support GKiS in the making of future resources, please consider sponsoring. They work with you to create a bespoke character. Contact for more information and help save the future of the industry NOW!

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