Every 40 seconds by Andrea Newton

Every 40 seconds by Andrea Newton

Every 40 seconds somewhere in the world someone dies by suicide. That was before Covid19.

As we are now living in such uncertain times with a global pandemic that has left so many people bereaved, so many businesses struggling, relationships under pressure, finances tight, so much at risk as we zig zag forwards, we truly do have the perfect storm for the mental health pandemic that experts are predicting.

Decent employers will want to do the right thing by their people. They will be aware of the cost of poor mental health and be doing their best to create a climate where people feel psychologically safe.

An environment where their leaders are confident and capable of having Crucial Conversations.

An environment where they will step up and meet their obligations and their duty of care, recognising that financially, legally, technically, commercially, we cannot build back strong with wobbly people.

Every 40 seconds someone dies. Are you equipped as a business to do your bit in slowing that rate down?

Not everyone who is having thoughts of suicide will be standing on the bridge staring down into the water below – they could be sat opposite you in that redundancy consultation, that performance review, that team meeting. No manager wants to spend the rest of their lives wondering if they could have done anything more.

I don’t do candles and sandals. I work with organisations in a way that is practical, business focused, no fluff, no nonsense and I know that the work I do makes a real difference. Are you ready to step up?

About the Author

Andrea Newton has been helping organisations develop the skill and confidence to have Confident Conversations and get comfortable with the uncomfortable for over 21 years. She has worked across a range of industry sectors and is happiest working in a way that is practical, down to earth, direct and uncomplicated. She prefers a mug to a cup and prefers places that call a spade a shovel ... if you would like to benefit from her expertise and ability to make a room full of people comfortable with subjects as sensitive as suicide, then you can find out more about her at www.confidentconversations.co.uk or https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-newton-cc/

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