Built Intelligence

Built Intelligence builds on its success!

Built Intelligence builds on its success!

The last 3 years have been a reflective time around the world with Covid impacting on us all, organisations and individuals having to change the way they work and adapt to new environments.

Here at BI these changes have included an unprecedented growth in the need for online training and contract management software - and the team have been working hard to develop new solutions, courses and programmes for our clients.

With the growth of content and learning, we have also been growing our team and each month we will be introducing a team player and looking at their roles and what they bring to BI, how their skills will help grow the business successfully, and how this will support our clients in getting the best solutions for their training and contract needs.

Founder Chris Corr says “I am so proud of the team we have at Built Intelligence which is a diverse range of staff, talent and backgrounds. We have a culture of openness and collaboration, and our hybrid working enables the team flexibility and work/life balance which supports a positive and engaged workforce”.

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