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Brand new Online Academy - NEC4 Professional Services Contract (PSC)

Brand new Online Academy - NEC4 Professional Services Contract (PSC)

We have added a brand-new course for our monthly and annual academy subscribers. As of right now, our subscribers can assign themselves to NEC4 PSC Fundamentals via the Course Library on their Learner Dashboard. 

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What’s it about?

This programme introduces you to key mechanics and provisions of the NEC4 Professional Services Contract (PSC). You will gain a practical understanding of the key aspects of PSC from both Parties perspectives. We will explore the importance of administering this form of contract during the life of a project rather than “leaving it in a drawer”, as in our view being contractual should be viewed very much as being proactive rather than being considered negatively. These sessions will review the contract strategy options between the primary PSC options A, C and E as well as the choice of secondary options that are available, all of which alter the risk profile and the payment mechanisms.

You will learn

  1. The philosophy and commonality amongst all the contracts within the suite of NEC4 contracts
  2. The use and appropriate contract strategy to adopt when choosing both primary (A, C or E) options and secondary (X1-X20) options 

  3. Appreciating the use of Contract Data and the Scope and 

  4. Consider factors involved when preparing tender documents and assessing tender submissions 

  5. Consider common amendments that are often made in the form of “Z clauses” and their potential to alter the dynamics or risk profile of an un-amended contract 

  6. Roles and responsibilities of key Parties 

  7. The important PSC clauses and processes, in particular early warning, the programme, Early Warning Register (previously the Risk Register), communications and compensation events 

  8. Understand how to apply PSC in practice and achieve satisfactory solutions to problems
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