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The Learning Layer - Building the Next Level of Intellect in Your Organisation

The Learning Layer - Building the Next Level of Intellect in Your Organisation

Recently read “The Learning Layer” by Steven Flinn here’s some of the key points from the book which we aspire to embed in our ReachBack technology and apply to the areas of NEC3, JCT, Procurement, Project Management:-

  • Information technology (IT) systems – if planned, built and implemented correctly – now have the unprecedented ability to become “adaptive learning networks” for corporate education.
  • This “learning layer” seamlessly merges systems, knowledge, information and people.
  • Such learning structures are modelled on the brain’s adaptive, evolving neural networks.
  • This adaptability makes online learning remarkably customisable and flexible.
  • The learning layer complements and expands upon conventional corporate education.
  • The learning layer adapts to users’ collective behaviours and demands. It even offers recommendations users can fine-tune to meet their individual needs.
  • The learning layer’s flexibility suits the needs of business. Major Internet corporations, such as Google and Amazon, already use this kind of system.
  • The learning layer evolves intelligently, constantly adapting and growing.
  • It helps innovators break existing ideas down into “capability components” that they can recombine in new ways.
  • To implement the learning layer, start small in “broken” areas, grow in increments that mesh with your existing processes and evaluate before you move ahead.

We’d welcome your thoughts.

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