Upcoming Webinars - May 2024

Upcoming Webinars - May 2024

May promises to be a month brimming with invaluable learning opportunities for professionals in the construction and engineering sectors. We are excited to bring you a lineup of webinars designed to deepen your understanding of critical contractual frameworks and project management strategies. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of JCT D&B contracts, looking to master NEC4 procedures, or aiming to enhance your project control methods, our May webinar series covers a wide spectrum of topics.

Join us as we kick off the month with an in-depth overview of payment provisions under the JCT D&B contract, exploring crucial aspects such as listed items and deductions. As the weeks unfold, we'll delve into vital topics including indemnity, insurance, and dispute resolution, alongside specialised sessions aimed at managing compensation events and project costs effectively.

Here is the full list of webinars this May:-

May 1st

Overview of Payment Provisions under JCT D&B Contract - Listed items and deductions

May 8th

Indemnity and insurance under JCT D&B - Public liability, and works insurance

May 9th

NEC4 ECS (Part 1 - 6) 1-Day Session
Getting to Grips with Compensation Events Under ECS and How They Work with the SOCC

May 14th

NEC4 ECC (Part 1 - 6) 1-Day Session

May 15th 

Default, Repudiation, Insolvency and Termination Under JCT D&B16

May 16th

Handy Tips and Tools to Help PMs and Civil Engineers Keep Control of Project Costs

May 21st

CESMM4 (Part 1-6): 1-Day Session

May 22nd

Default and Termination Procedures under JCT D&B

May 29th

The Five Methods of Dispute Resolution under JCT D&B16

May 30th

FastDraft Early Warning Masterclass

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