Team Tales - February 2024

Team Tales - February 2024

This month's Team Tales features our cool, calm and completely fabulous  Customer Support Technician, Liz Exley!

Can you describe yourself in 10 words?

Reliable, Approachable, Helpful, Self-motivated, Professional, Adaptable, Resilient, Team player.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work background?

My background is IT, having spent many years as a software developer, including contracting for 5 years around the UK and in France. I then went into Project Management, delivering projects of various sizes. With both daughters financially independent (finally!) I took 6 months off to evaluate my life and decided to ‘downsize’ my working life and increase the downtime. I then joined BI to double the size of the customer success team 😊 , which has since increased further.

How long have you been with Built Intelligence?

3 and a half years.

So, can you tell us what your role entails at BI and what a ‘day in the life of’ looks like!

The answer I’ve seen from other team members, is that no two days are the same.. a benefit of working for a small company, although we are growing rapidly. My day involves monitoring the support desk, which is first-line support, ensuring tickets are responded to and resolved as quickly as possible. The variety of requests is extremely varied, the majority of tickets the Customer Success Team will resolve, but we have a great team behind us if further assistance is required.  We’re responsible for setting up contracts on FastDraft and also deliver FastDraft training for both admin and contract users. It’s nice to see the faces behind the names! I write a lot of documentation for software releases, new features, the FastDraft handbook, and am currently involved with in-app coaching, a feature to help our customers, which is coming soon.  

What’s the best thing about your role?

I think everyone who has been part of the Team Tales has said the same – it really is the people. We have a fantastic team who support each other and work and play hard.

What has been your finest moment at BI – what achievement have you been most proud of?

Too many to mention – I have loved being part of the Customer Success Team, ensuring the highest level of service, fast and professional responses, and solving problems. We all contribute towards driving change and adapting our systems to best benefit the client. The feedback we regularly get from customers is the best bit and lets us know we are getting it right.

Tell us a little something about the person behind the role?!

I love to travel and discover the cultures of other countries. I spent Christmas in Cambodia and am just back from Granada, catching up with family. I seem to have been to a lot of countries ending in ’A’ such as,  Nicaragua, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Croatia, Vienna …. I love to go where there’s heat and sunshine.  I also love art galleries and museums, thrown in with visits to London. Spending time with my daughters is important and am fortunate to have one in Bristol, whilst the other is living in a van with husband and 2 dogs for a couple of years. I’m just back from visiting them in Granada.

Final thoughts or tips?

Life is short - work in order to live. In the words of Dolly Parton ‘Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life’.

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