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A Brand New 22-Part JCT Design & Build Webinar Series

A Brand New 22-Part JCT Design & Build Webinar Series

We are happy to announce a brand-new, FREE, 22-part weekly webinar series in collaboration with Steven Evans, based on the JCT Design & Build Contract.

What is JCT Design & Build Contract?

Since 1931 the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) has produced standard forms of construction contract and is today one of the most common forms of contract in use.

One of the most commonly used forms of contract on projects where the contractor carries out both the design and construction work, the JCT 2016 Design and Build contract, like other forms of contract, requires careful management of time, cost and quality in order to deliver projects successfully.

These webinars will provide an in-depth view of the specific nuances of the contract.

What you will learn

After attending these webinars, you should be able to; 

  • Identify the relevant clauses in the JCT Design and Build contract
  • Discuss and analyse JCT 2016 key changes in the contract
  • Explain JCT procurement and contract and contractor selection and tendering
  • Standard forms of the main contract and design liability
  • Outline how sub-contractors and specialists are managed under the contract
  • Explain how to set up the contract
  • Describe the Insurances, bonds and collateral warranties provisions of the contract
  • Follow the provisions for the Payment, Control of the works, Time and Termination and insolvency of the contract
  • Provide an introduction to dispute resolution

Who are these recommended for? 

These webinars are recommended for everyone currently or about to be working across projects including employers, contractors and sub-contractors and are suitable for all those who may need support as they may have experience of delays, damage and compensation events. 

The first webinar of the series will provide an overview of the JCT Design and Build Contract and it will commence on:

Date: Wednesday 18 September
Time: 1300-1400
Link to register attendance: https://www.builtintelligence.com/collections/webinars-events-and-webclasses/products/overview-of-the-jct-design-and-build-contract

For more information on this webinar series, please visit our website: https://www.builtintelligence.com/collections/webinars-events-and-webclasses/jct

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