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NEC4 PSC Defects Template

NEC4 PSC Defects Template

Use this free downloadable template to help you create notifications in connection with Defects management under the NEC4 Professional Service Contract (PSC).

The PSC gives the Service Manager wide ranging powers to address matters of Defects and quality.

You can use this NEC4 PSC template for communications in respect of Defects as follows:

  • Submit under clause 40.2 for acceptance of a quality policy statement and/or a quality plan
  • Instruct under clause 40.3 to correct a failure to comply with the quality plan
  • Notify under clause 41.1 of a Defect
  • Notify under clause 41.2 of the cost to the Client of having a Defect corrected
  • Submit under clause 42.1 a proposal to accept a Defect
  • Submit under clause 42.1 for acceptance a quotation to accept a Defect
  • Instruct under clause 42.1 to change the scope after accepting a proposal not to correct a Defect