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NEC4 ECC Fundamentals

NEC4 ECC Fundamentals

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Need to put together your first NEC4 ECC contract or draft a compensation event notice under NEC4? Our NEC4 Academy which have been built in collaboration with leading industry experts Glenn Hide, Jon Broome and Chris Corr, who have directly involved in the drafting of the NEC contracts. This learning path is a suite of 25+ online courses designed to explain the key aspects of the NEC4 suite of contracts, such as roles and responsibilities; how the key processes work e.g. communications, early warning, the programme acceptance, defects, payment, compensation events and dispute resolution; and how to effectively set up and implement the contracts (LP100017).

What You'll Learn

In this learning path we will introduce you to:-

  • Overview of the suite of NEC4 contracts and their use
  • Contract strategy for both main options (A-F) and secondary options
  • Preparing tender documents and assessing tender submissions¬†
  • Use of Contract Data, Scope (previously Works Information) and Site Information
  • Roles and responsibilities of the key Parties
  • Key ECC clauses and processes including early warning, the programme, defects, payment, communications, compensation events, dispute avoidance and termination
  • Understand how to apply Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) in practice and achieve satisfactory solutions to problems