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NEC4 Academy (Environment Agency)

NEC4 Academy (Environment Agency)

NEC4 Academy By Dr Jon Broome, Glenn Hide, and Chris Corr.

Duration: 12.5 hours

A suite of online classes for Environment Agency NEC Contract users.

Our NEC4 Academy is a suite of 25+ online eLearning courses designed to explain the key aspects of the NEC4 suite of contracts, such as roles and responsibilities; how the key processes work e.g. communications, early warning, the programme, defects, payment compensation events and dispute resolution; and how to effectively set up and implement the contracts.

The NEC4 Academy covers:

  • Overview of the suite of NEC4 contracts and their use
  • Contract strategy for both main options (A-F) and secondary options ' Preparing tender documents and assessing tender submissions
  • Use of Contract Data, Scope (previously Works Information) and Site Information ' Roles and responsibilities of the key Parties
  • Key ECC clauses and processes including early warning, the programme, defects, payment, communications, compensation events, dispute avoidance and termination
  • Understand how to apply Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) in practice and achieve satisfactory solutions to problems