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NEC3 ECC Supervisor Notification or Instruction Template

NEC3 ECC Supervisor Notification or Instruction Template

Use this free downloadable template to help you put together a Supervisor notification or instruction for a Defect under the NEC3 Engineer and Construction Contract (ECC).

The Contractor and the Supervisor each notifies the other of each of their tests and inspections before it starts and afterwards notifies the other of its results.

You can also use this NEC3 ECC pdf template for Supervisor notifications and instructions to do the following: -

  • Notify under clause 40.3 the following test/inspections are to be carried out at the date/time indicated,
  • Notify under clause 41.1 that tests and inspections have been carried out and passed to allow materials to be brought into the Working Area,
  • Notify under clause 42.1 of the instruction to uncover works for the reasons identified,
  • Notify under clause 42.2 that the following Defect has been identified, and
  • Notify under clause 43.3 that the Defects Certificate is issued.

You can download this template as a PDF for free!