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NEC3 ECC in an Hour

NEC3 ECC in an Hour

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New to NEC3 ECC and need to get up to speed on this contract in under an hour? This learning path is for you, it's a one-hour introduction to the NEC3 ECC or Engineering and Construction Contract, designed to help you demystify "ECC" and highlight some key concepts on the start of your journey to becoming a best practice Project Managers, Employers or Contractors (LP100011).

What You'll Learn

NEC3 ECC in an Hour is a four-part learning path, made up of:-
1. NEC3 ECC Approach to Flexibility Explained
2. NEC3 ECC Approach to Clarity and Simplicity
3. NEC3 ECC Structure and Key Terms Explained
4. NEC3 ECC Approach to Stimulus to Good Project Management