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NEC3 ECC Contract Start Up workshop

NEC3 ECC Contract Start Up workshop

Why you should attend this workshop?

As one of its 3 principal objectives, the NEC3 family aims to stimulate good project management of contracts, thus increasing the likelihood of meeting it' time, cost and quality objectives.

But, (a) what do you actually have to do to achieve this? and (b) what about bettering these objectives?

This course, with a focus on implementation, provides the answers and is best delivered at start up of a contract to a joint team.

You will learn about:

  • Obtaining a balanced overview of the NEC3 family of contracts and how to use it to deliver to time, cost and quality (or better).
  • Overview of the NEC3 family of contracts, with a focus on the Engineering & Construction Contract.
  • Open book accounting under cost-based contract OR use of activity schedules under A.
  • Communications generally The Accepted Programme.
  • Early warnings and the Risk Register.
  • Compensation events: definitions, timescales & assessment.
  • If time and with Quantity Surveyors: Understanding of the Schedule of Cost Components & agreed modifications to make it work.

For each of these topics, we will cover:

  • What the contract clauses say.
  • What‚Äôs best practice' appears to be.
  • Discuss how you can implement this on your contract.


  • Specific action steps, with names + dates to put in place the processes and behaviours to make it easy to do best practice.
  • Commitments from the project team to make it work
  • Support needed from those outside the project team to make it work.

Recommended for?

This workshop is recommended for everyone currently involved with or about to be working under an ECC contract including project managers, contract managers, quantity surveyors, clients, consultants, planners, contractors and their supply chain. This session will be suitable for those who are relatively new to these forms of contract as well as those who are already more experienced in the contract and looking to enhance their level of knowledge and understanding.