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JCT Design & Build 16 Fundamentals

JCT Design & Build 16 Fundamentals

Our JCT D&B Academy is designed to explain the key aspects of the JCT Design and Build contract, how JCT Design and Build contracts are set up and implemented, look at the key roles and responsibilities of individuals within the contract process and set out how JCT provisions deal with administrative matters, such as payment, control of the works, and control of time with lots of practical example of relevant case.

The JCT D&B Academy covers:

  • Introduction to design and build procurement
  • Overview of DB16 and comparison with SBC
  • Preparing and use of documents
  • Obligations of the contractor
  • Possession and completion
  • Control of the works
  • Sums properly due (valuations of change and loss or expenses)
  • Payment timing, ascertainment and procedures
  • Indemnity and insurance
  • Default and termination issues
  • Dispute resolution 
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