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Imagining the Future of Healthcare Delivery in 2070

Imagining the Future of Healthcare Delivery in 2070

In this course, we look at how current trends may shape health real estate strategies over the next five decades (listing action points), and in the second half we imagine what healthcare delivery and real estate might look like in a world where personalised and genetic-led preventative treatments have become the norm.

The coronavirus pandemic, technology advances and climate change are radically changing our approach to and reliance upon healthcare, which is increasingly informed by science-based evidence. Real estate is having to adapt, but what does the future really hold for healthcare delivery?

In AECOM’s London 2070 report, which sets out our vision for the future city region, experts and thought leaders from across AECOM pooled their knowledge and aspirations. We imagined what a resilient, interconnected, responsible and balanced city region might look like in fifty years’ time.  Healthcare delivery was an important part of that conversation.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Understand how technology is constantly changing the working methodologies of doctors and surgeons
  2. Explain how connected smart ‘hives’ in the home will help healthcare professionals and community volunteers meet local needs