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Steven Evans

FIDIC Yellow Book Fundamentals

FIDIC Yellow Book Fundamentals

FIDIC aims to represent globally the consulting engineering field by promoting the interests of companies/engineers supplying technology-based services for the built and natural environment. Run mostly by volunteers, FIDIC is well known for work in defining Conditions of Contract for the construction industry worldwide.

Our FIDIC Academy is a suite of 12 online eLearning courses designed to explain the key aspects of the of the contract, such as General Conditions; how the key processes work e.g., communications, Tender and award, the programme, delay damages, payment, tests and defects liability, termination and more.

The FIDIC Academy covers:

  • The types of projects the Yellow Book can be used for
  • The different types of document which make up the Contract
  • How to draft Particular Conditions
  • The personalities in the contract
  • The design submission procedure
  • Identify the Contractor’s obligation to start and complete the works
  • Outline the Contractor’s obligations as to progress and the consequences if it fails to follow the programme.
  • Understand how various statutory requirements impact upon payment
  • Explain what is meant by a Force Majeure event and which party is liable
  • Outline the various insurances required by the parties
  • Outline the various dispute resolution methods in the contract
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