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BIM (Building Information Modelling) For Beginners

BIM (Building Information Modelling) For Beginners

Need to get your head around the basics of BIM or Building Information Modelling? Then this learning path of twenty-two courses is for you. It provides a series of short video lessons covering the basics of BIM and explores some of the key standards and procedures that are part of working with BIM. These videos have been produced by B1M.

The learning path will answer the following questions:-

  • What is a "BIM Model"?
  • What happens if I don't do BIM?
  • What does BIM mean to me?
  • What is a Common Data Environment?
  • PAS 1192-2 in 5 Minutes
  • PAS 1192-3 in 4 Minutes
  • What are Employer's Information Requirements? (EIRs)
  • Levels of Definition Explained
  • What are MIDPs?
  • Do I really need an Information Manager?
  • BIM Protocol explained
  • What happens to Building Information Models?
  • Top 10 BIM acronyms explained
  • What do those big BIM words mean?
  • What is 4D BIM?
  • What is 5D BIM?
  • What is 6D BIM?
  • Top 3 BIM Barriers (and how to overcome them)
  • Top 3 BIM Myths dispelled
  • What BIM won't do?
  • Where do I start with BIM?
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