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Become a Built Intelligence partner and help turn your knowhow into smarter training and support solutions for your peoples’ personal and professional development. Our digital educational and support tools improve on the job performance and enable you to showcase your expertise across our industry wide community.

As a Built Intelligence Partner, you will connect to a new set of opportunities, take advantage of resources that will help you build your people expertise, and grow your business with less risk and lower costs. 

Explore our partner programmes

  1. Technology partner - Apps and integrations make Built Intelligence even stronger, and work with the tools that customers are already using. Using our API and apps framework you can build pretty much anything.
  1. Knowledge provider - Subject matter experts, publishers and practitioners that contribute to Built Intelligence products and design custom experiences, and offer an array of other services.
  1. Service provider - Leading consulting and contracting organisations that leverage Built Intelligence products to offer innovative training and support solutions to their teams and clients.

If you have questions, email us at partners@builtintelligence.com

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