Online training for Enterprise and Teams

We provide training in NEC3, NEC4, BIM, JCT, Procurement, Project management and more. We offer online courses as well as face-to-face classroom based courses or a blended programme of both, tailored to your requirements.

Our Enterprise licensing allows you to build a bespoke training programme for your organisation. We can offer you some or all of our e-learning library, hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS) or deployed internally within your organisation on your own LMS.

We can help you get your team up to speed on any number of subject areas or refresh existing skills in order to keep them up to date. Get in touch to find out more.

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Features and benefits

Guided learning
Our courses are grouped into 'Learning Paths' for NEC3, NEC4, BIM, JCT, Procurement and Project Management to get your team started straight away. We also have an extensive library of supporting courses in Business and Soft Skills as well as Templates and Tools.
Structured teams
Teams allow us to group learners together. Courses are then allocated to the team as required. Optional 'sub-teams' enable you to reflect your organisations structure and target your training programmes to specific groups of learners. 
Tracked progress
Key reports are delivered each month as standard for each team showing individual progress, completion dates and performance.
Bespoke programmes
We can select the courses most suited to your organisation and construct bespoke 'learning paths' so teams focus on the training they need.
Custom reports
Our extensive reporting system allows you to build detailed custom reports out of your teams data. You can also export your data into Excel and generate reports in a more familiar setting or share it with your wider team.
Supported users
Our Enterprise licensing allows you to promote Team Leaders and Team Admins within your staff to help support and administer your learners to spread the load. Alternatively, we can take this on for you as part of our customer support package.
Regular reminders
Automated email reminders prompt learners encouraging them to complete their training,  improving learner engagement and completion rates. We also send out regular updates about our newest courses to account owners.
Account management
Each enterprise account has a dedicated account manager to help you plan and execute your learning programme. Our dedicated technical support team will help solve any problems that may arise within your team.

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