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Construction professionals are only as good as their skills are relevant. With new technology, ever changing technical standards, mobile teams and tighter margins it difficult to give your people what they need most.

Access to expertly authored CITB accredited technical courses, to support compliance and professional development programmes for CIOB, RICS, CICES, ICE, APM and other professional institutions, skill assessments and analytics tools, Built Intelligence training and performance management platform and technical course library gives you the easiest way to building business-critical skills for construction teams quickly.

Upskill with ease

Whether it’s professional development programmes or compliance training, with our toolbox at your fingertips we will help make it happen. Browse our library of over 600 on-demand technical training courses, hundreds of skills assessments and 400 live events annually on adjudication, BIM, compliance issues, construction management, contract entitlement, commercial awareness, commercial management, CDM, disputes, FIDIC, health and safety, JCT, NEC3 and NEC4, planning, procurement, project management, quantity surveying, soft skills and much more.

Manage competencies, not courses

Make performance management more personalised by aligning company needs, professional competencies and career pathways with personal aspiration and tools for managers to keep track of this. Support alignment between personal and business needs and increased productivity through shared 1:1 and continuous check-ins tools. Listen, analyse and act on employee feedback with easy-to-use engagement surveys. Give employees a voice in building company culture, guide managers to better engage with their people and bring insights and action plans to leadership.

Harness the power of simplicity

Our customers and contributors rave about how easy it is to work with us. It’s so easy that authors and learners don’t even need a training handbook. Create new custom courses and programmes in just minutes with our easy to use course authoring tools and prebuilt courses, programmes, assessments and 1:2:1 checkpoints.

Skill & career development

Help employees develop the skills they need for professional career development and growth with prebuilt pathways and 1:2:1s to help measure competencies. Make skill development planning easy and actionable. Create customised development plans to help your people meet their career vision. Tailor skill assessments and training to job role and personal aspirations. Keep assessments tied to peoples’ specific roles and related competencies to get more accurate insight into performance. Upskill employees for key technical skills with prebuilt learning pathways customized to your business goals, and skills assessments to map their current proficiency in this journey.

Access skills data in one click

Ensure your teams and business are ready to implement
strategic initiatives with insights into skills across teams, technical standards, and career corridors and the tools to keep them on track. Our insights dashboard assembles course completion rates, overdue learner statuses and even average learner procrastination. Spend less time manually tracking learner progress and more time driving strategic initiatives. Using these insights, you’ll be empowered to tailor your learning and performance efforts in order to more effectively achieve business goals.


Built Intelligence designs and delivers scalable learning programmes that make learning and compliance engaging for your people
Expert authored courses on BIM, commercial management, CDM, project management, planning, and more
Real world
Hands on learning experiences like interactive courses, case studies, whitepapers, templates and more
Results based
Skills assessments that offer personalized recommendations on where to continue learning
Programmes curated by experts that help your team build the right skills in the right order
Career pathways
Career pathways curated by experts aligned to institutional standards for professional chartership
Live events
Live trainings and past recordings of today's most popular topics available on-demand
Checkpoints Keep 1:2:1 tied to your people’s specific role and related competencies to get more accurate insight into performance.
Curriculum builder that enables you to leverage curated competencies with course content and skill assessments aligned to some of the most common job roles
Reporting & analytics that show you whether your teams have the skills they need to succeed in their roles and how to improve

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