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NEC and JCT Contract Management Software

A smarter way to work with contracts

Built Intelligence platform is an easy to use contract management system for NEC3, NEC4, JCT, and FIDIC construction contracts.
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"On behalf of the NG management, we would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done on the final onboarding at the National Grid. The professionalism and the endless hours that you all have spent has impressed the organization immensely. Thank you so much for providing the much-needed assistance that we needed during that hectic period. With proper guidance and support, we have been able to complete the project in the desired time. Being IT Manager is never an easy task but with a team like you, everything seemed effortless. Thank you so much for all the support that you all have provided through thick and thin. I hope my future teams are as lively as all of you guys. Thank you again!"
Shalini Volvoikar National Grid IT Manager

How does it work

Enable project teams to communicate consistently, manage contracts reliably and monitor project performance to increase your teams productivity and compliance. Our prebuilt templates and workflows allows NEC3, NEC4, JCT, and FIDIC contracts to be set up and customised quickly. You can configure each project to include a review of bespoke clauses and contract data to tailor the system to your exact requirements.

Set up contracts quickly

Create contracts and projects directly on the platform. Use contract templates and prebuilt workflows prepared by the authors of the contracts or set up your contracts from scratch with our convenient editor. Customise workflows and roles and permissions as you go to save time.
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Deliver results simply

Guide your teams through each step of the process and ensure that you never miss a deadline and remain compliant. Keep track of issues, visit your dashboard to track and improve you and your teams performance so your projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Controlled collaboration

Create a team structure that reflects your team, programme or organisation so you can share your work and collaborate across your team. Use rules to control and manage your workload and your teams.
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Design and build your own customised workflows and templates and blended data so you can see the bigger picture. Use our open API to connect and integrate Built Intelligence with your CDE, IT systems or entire tech-stack.
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Contribute and add value

Future-proof your firm, provide value add services and make your expertise go further and be available 24/7 through well-designed and user-friendly technology with a company that understand construction professionals. Join our partner's programme.
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Access information on the go

Access all essential project information when you’re out on site to ensure that you are working with the most up-to-date info. Easily create and track issues, photos, notices, and submissions.


Better built software by construction professionals
Easy to use
Simple, intuitive, out the box web based contract management tool.
All workflows
Covering change control, payments, defects, payment certificates, notices and general communications.
Contract compliant
Support NEC3, NEC4, JCT, FIDIC contracts and bespoke forms/notices.
Automated benchmarking of your performance against external KPIs.
An audit trail for all contract communications.
Consolidated contract management reporting which can be produced on demand.
Integrated system containing your workflow, guidance, reporting and contract forms.
Single communal platform for contract administration and project reporting allowing whole teams to contribute.
Extensive library of documents, developed by industry practitioners.
Our flexible system architecture means additional contracts can be supported upon request and deployed in weeks rather than months. 
Compatibility with mobiles and tablets means access to information when and where you need it without the need to install a dedicated App.
Enterprise ready
We can integrate with your existing software platforms via our API and authentication services, providing a seamless experience to end users. 
To find out how you can dramatically increase your team's productivity and compliance.
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