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EDF Case Study using Built Intelligence Consultancy & Training Resource

As the UK’s largest supplier of zero carbon energy, EDF are undertaking the construction of Hinkley Point C; the first nuclear power station built in Britain for 20 years.

With the aim of generating enough low carbon energy for six million homes, Hinkley Point C is one of Europe’s largest and most complex construction projects. To deliver a project of this scale and complexity, EDF opted to deliver the project using an NEC3 ECC contract with extensive Z-clause alterations to reflect the uniqueness of the project.

As a critical piece of future UK infrastructure with substantial security and safety requirements, EDF needed to ensure that every member of their delivery team can access high-quality, consistent, and detailed training about the project and its execution.

Key Challenges

EDF had identified a diverse range of experience across individuals within the delivery team with varying knowledge and understanding of how NEC contracts operated. Historically, EDF found that this disparity of knowledge led to extra pressure placed on the legal team to ensure common understanding and adherence to the contract. It was also clear to all that the unprecedented scale of this project would require the legal team to provide an unsustainable level of support.

To prevent this issue from occurring EDF approached Built Intelligence to design a solution that could achieve three key aims.

  • Get everyone on the same page with regards to the use of NEC3 ECC contracts
  • Upskill everyone to understand the extensive Z-clauses unique to the project
  • Provide a 24/7 remotely accessible e-learning and knowledge training solution to overcome the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Built Intelligence initial first phase involved undertaking a comprehensive training needs analysis to build a delivery programme. This was carried out by Built Intelligence Customer Success and Production teams in collaboration with EDF’s legal team. During this process, the teams identified that EDF would benefit from a blended version of our standard NEC3 ECC training to reflect the project’s numerous Z-clauses. In addition, Built Intelligence identified that EDF would benefit from the following:

  • Access to detailed training metrics so that EDF could manage training uptake; course progress and assess its effectiveness through scored results
  • Access to a private Learning Management System to ensure that all online material was tailored and branded to EDF’s specifications
  • Ongoing administrative support to ensure continued access by new members of the EDF team
  • Ongoing course development support to ensure courses reflected any changes to the contract
  • Bi-annual reviews between new EDF cohorts, Built Intelligence and the EDF legal team to ensure any questions about the course and its content could be answered.

Following EDF’s approval of the training delivery programme proposed, the bespoke package of features was developed by our e-learning Production Team. Barry Trebes, a partnering Built Intelligence expert and co-author of the ‘NEC4 ECC Role of the Project Manager’ and ‘NEC3 ECC Role of the Supervisor’, worked with EDF’s legal team to ensure that all Z-clauses were reflected in additional and amended training material. The e-learning training programme was successfully designed, built and courses uploaded using Built Intelligence SCORM files into EDF’s own Learning Management System, within 12 weeks.

The final phase involved a trial EDF cohort who helped with a pilot of the training programme and feedback was reviewed prior to the course being formally released. As a result, Built Intelligence and EDF felt that some of the live sessions were surplus to requirements and therefore made the course 100% online.


The rollout of Built Intelligence training programme has been a significant and long-term success for EDF. Key benefits include:

  • 93% uptake of the course across the EDF project delivery team
  • Exceptional feedback from those who have undertaken the course highlighting the clarity it gave them on NEC3 ECC Contracts and EDF’s Z-clauses
  • A reduced workload for the legal team to ensure contractual governance and compliance reducing the need for explanations and ensuring contractual processes are understood and adhered to
  • The erasure of additional and ad-hoc training costs (including travel and expenses) typically required for new joiners throughout the life of the project
  • A more streamlined approach to project delivery with less time required to correct mistakes that depart from contractual requirements
  • Enhanced insight into the knowledge and understanding of each member of the team.
  • Greater engagement, development and retention of Employees through training investment
  • A good return on investment

In addition, we are providing a bi-annual review process to ensure feedback and emerging needs are fed back into the training programme. This will ensure that Built Intelligence can cover EDF’s changing needs throughout the life of the contract.

“EDF have been impressed by the level of knowledge and expertise delivered – by the tutors and support staff, reactive and responsive to our time constraints. The training platform interface is easy for delegates to use and also gives access to an impressive range of additional ‘free to use’ e-learning. This also integrates with NNB corporate programme online bookings and attendance system giving a flawless package of support and learning”

Matt Goren, Programme & Project Manager CEng MICE MAPM, EDF

For more information and to speak to one of our experts https://calendly.com/builtintelligence-solutions