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NEC4 TSC Client Notification/Instruction Template

NEC4 TSC Client Notification/Instruction Template

Use this free downloadable template to help you create a Client Notification/Instruction under the NEC4 Term Service Contract (TSC).

The TSC places great emphasis on effective communication between the parties and whilst the Service Manager is empowered and required to issue almost all communications in managing the project, some communications are limited to the Client

You can use this NEC4 TSC template for a Client’s Notification/Instruction of the following:

  • Notify under clause 13.2 of an address to receive communications
  • Notify under clause 14.4 of a replacement Service Manager
  • Notify under clause 26.1 of an intention to transfer the benefit of the contract or any rights under it
  • Notify under clause 90.1 of a wish to terminate
  • Instruct under clause 92.2 to leave Site, remove Equipment, Plant and Materials and assign the benefit of subcontracts to the Client
  • Notify under clause W1.1(1) of a replacement Senior Representative
  • Notify under clause X8.5 of the provision of undertakings
  • Notify under clause X11.2 of termination
  • Notify under clause X19.1 of a wish to terminate
  • Notify under clause X20.5 of adding a KPI and payment to the Incentive Schedule
  • Notify under clause X23.1 of an extension to the Service Period
  • Notify under clause Y1.9 of the Authorisation
  • Notify under clause Y3.3 of the name of a beneficiary
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